Program Outline

The Player Pathway Program is designed to develop female hockey students 12 to 18 years of age, in a school environment. The program is specifically designed to comply with the Hockey NSW Pathway.

The Player Pathway Program is not a participation program and is aimed at producing top level athletes as they move forward on the Hockey NSW Player Pathway. The program will run for the 4 school terms each year, commencing in 2019.

Players will participate in twice weekly on pitch training sessions delivered by Hockey NSW Regional Coaches, and participate in weekly strength and conditioning sessions.  Established programs with nutritionists and sports psychologists will also assist Player Pathway participants throughout the program.

Hockey NSW also provide athlete skill identification and Individual Player Plans (IPP) for all students to identify areas for improvement during the program.

The Pathway program focuses on the following areas:

Core Skill Development

  • Junior elite skill development
  • Junior elite specialist skill development

Game Education

  • Junior elite decision-making development
  • Junior elite game and positional strategy  development
  • Junior elite execution of skills under game pressure
  • Junior elite introduction to team performance analysis

Physiology Component

  • Junior elite hockey specific movement and  functional competencies
  • Planning and delivery of physical program on an  individual basis and/or within a group
  • Recovery
  • Individual athletes program and monitoring

Athlete Personal Management

  • Injury prevention and management as required
  • Performance enhancing substance education

Team Dynamics and Performance

  • Introductory education and training in required  behaviours
  • Introductory group dynamics
  • Respect and responsibility


The program is administered by Hockey NSW and will be directed by Richard Willis, Hockey NSW Pathway Manager. Coaching will be provided by Greg Doolan, Hockey NSW Regional Coaching Coordinator. Greg has had National Coaching success in Advanced Coaching roles.