Co-Curricular Program

Art and Design Program

The Arts program at NEGS provides a variety of creative and innovative learning experiences for the students. Visual Arts, Technology and Music are mandatory subjects in Years 7 and 8, forming the basis of the students introduction to practical and visual forms of expression.

Junior studies are designed to provide learning experiences that give the students a taster of these subjects, should they continue with these subjects later on in their studies. In Visual Arts, students are encouraged to explore and experiment with drawing, printing, ceramics and digital media. Technology offers a variety of design situations that allow students to develop skills designing products, cooking, as well as introductory units to develop skills in sewing, woodwork and agriculture.

As the students progress in their education there is a wide variety of creative subjects for them to choose from to develop and extend their artistic and design skills including: Visual Arts, Design & Technology, Textiles & Design, Drama and Music. Offering such a variety of subjects allows students to choose those subjects, to develop and hone their talents and interests in their preferred creative medium.

Each subject is taught by specialty teachers to ensure that the students gain expertise in the required skills to excel in that subject, ultimately preparing them for the management of projects, should they choose to take these subjects for the HSC.

Music Program

At NEGS we provide students with the opportunity to build on their individual musicality, musical knowledge and skills. Through a range of musical and learning experiences, students will develop a life-long passion for music.

We encourage our students at all levels to participate actively in the musical life of the school in a range of vocal and instrumental ensembles working towards performances in assemblies, twilight concerts, Night of Music showcasing the musical talent within our school and our very special Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols (a wonderful tradition continued throughout the years at NEGS).

Our choral and instrumental ensembles cater for all ability levels.

NEGS offers the students a unique opportunity in terms of staffing ratios and access to specialist tuition. We are able to offer girls individual attention and tailor programs to their needs in a way that is not possible in a large school.

What we offer
NEGS offers private music tuition in all brass, woodwind and string instruments as well as piano, guitar, voice, drums and musicianship studies with expert tutors.

Band programs are offered in Stage 3 and Stage 4 and we offer specialist tuition in a wide variety of band and orchestral instruments.

Sport Program

“Our aim is to encourage students to be life long participants in sport and to be engaged in their wider community.”

NEGS has a strong tradition of nurturing top level athletes across various sporting arenas. More importantly, is our philosophy that all students should be involved in and encouraged to try a variety of sports and we provide them with plenty of opportunities to do this.

We offer a wide variety of summer and winter sporting activities including swimming, netball, hockey, tennis, athletics, shooting and basketball.

For students who want to represent the school at a higher level we offer specialist coaches and committed team managers and have close connections with Armidale sporting associations for those who not only want to represent the school but also external teams at state and national competitions.

Our girls are highly sort after in representative teams due to their commitment and team spirit. As a member of the Independent Girls Schools Sporting Association (IGSSA), students can represent NEGS in competition against the state’s best independent schools in swimming, athletics, netball and hockey.

The sporting program at NEGS is compulsory for all students and they are required to select a sport, to commit to and compete in, every term. We believe that sport teaches students to be resilient and to work collaboratively as part of a team. These are necessary skills students will build on and will help them function effectively in today’s world.

We know not every student will excel in sport and that some students play sport just because it is fun. Our aim is to encourage students to be lifelong participants in sport and to be engaged in the wider Armidale community.

Equestrian Program

“Riding horses teaches a girl that they are capable of mastering something far more powerful than themselves. The responsibility of caring for a horse and building an effective and enjoyable relationship with them is invaluable.”

From producing Olympic champions to teaching young children basic riding skills, the NEGS Equestrian centre can cater for all levels of riding and all equestrian disciplines.

As the foremost equestrian school in Australia, we offer students the ability to continue training towards their equestrian goals in state of the art facilities including two indoor Olympic sized arenas, campdraft/cutting arena, picturesque open grassy areas, a 1* cross country course, polocrosse fields, mechanical cow pen and much more. Our extensive onsite facilities provide opportunities to train regardless of the weather and agistment is tailored to the needs of the individual.

2015 saw the introduction of Australia’s first girls’ Cutting and Polocrosse academies. Students are mentored and supported during their training and skills development by a team of experienced and skilled staff and highly respected coaches.

The NEGS Equestrian High Performance programs for Eventing, Dressage and Show Jumping were launched in 2015 to provide structured and targeted training for high level competitors. An EA accredited coaching team work with the girls to mentor and guide them towards creating successful partnerships with her horse.

We have a range of school horses for those who are unable to bring their own horse or for those who are just starting out.

For more information, click through to the NEGS Equestrian site.

Agriculture and Livestock Team

Agriculture is a key part of the school and we are able to offer students from all backgrounds the opportunity to experience agriculture and show them what a wonderfully interesting, diverse, dynamic, successful, and progressive industry it is.

Armidale has very strong agricultural ties being home to many of the country’s leading Agricultural consultant and research businesses and breed societies as well as the University of New England (UNE), offering world-leading courses in agriculture.

With all this at our doorstep, it’s not surprising that the school’s Agriculture Program and Livestock Team have been popular among our students.

Located on our school grounds is an Agricultural facility including an exhibition steer feedlot complimented by a Charolais breeding herd run off site, Dohne and white Suffolk sheep, Berkshire pigs, poultry, a large sustainable vegetable growing enterprise and fruit orchard as well as an outdoor learning area.

We have recently implemented a “sustainable system” at NEGS where all our school’s food waste is utilised through both our laying hen and free range pig enterprise. Food not utilised by our livestock is composted with other green waste from around the school, including the Equestrian Centre and agriculture facility. The compost will be used to improve our grazing paddocks and school gardens.

Student learning is complemented with practical experiences both on and off site and through presentations given by local industry specialists.

In addition to our Agriculture program our Livestock Team which is open to all students in Years 7 to 12. The club provides students with the opportunity to enhance self-confidence and personal development by working with young stock, which are grain fed, prepared and presented in Agricultural competitions by our students.The club also provides an excellent basis for students to develop their knowledge of science through the study of animal psychology and behaviour,the implications of feeding and housing strategies, the impact of pest and weed management and the use of technology.

Our Livestock Team is highly successful with the winning of broad ribbons throughout the state and into Queensland. Major competitions each year include the Sydney and Brisbane Royal, Manning Valley Beef Week and the Scone Beef Bonanza.

Rifle Club

NEGS has the distinction of being the only girls’ school in Australia to offer target rifle shooting as a competitive sport.

Founded in 1996, NEGS Rifle Club is a member of the NSW Rifle Association which has administered this traditional Australian sport since pre-Federation times.
There are no age or gender restrictions in the sport, allowing the girls to compete with genuine equality against adults and other students in their respective competition grades.
The Club trains across the four terms in preparation for regular team and individual competitions.

Beginners learn firearm safety and target shooting on .22 calibre Smallbore rifles and then graduate to Fullbore .223” or .308” rifles, shooting from 300 up to 800 metres.

The Club travels to regional prize shoots where members compete as individuals, however the main competition focus is the annual Fiona Reynolds Memorial All Schools Match and the AAGPS Rifle Shooting Premiership in July. Both these events are for school age shooters. Prior to these matches, the girls participate in a live-in training camp followed by the All Schools Match and shooting alongside at the exclusive AAGPS event.

NEGS has the privilege of being the only non AAGPS school to participate in the Association’s sports calendar.

Beyond school, several NEGS shooters have gone on to join state and national Under 25 teams. Fullbore Rifle Shooting can also provide a spring-board for GAP placement in the United Kingdom where the sport is very popular with independent schools.

Minimum participation age is twelve years of age, and the Club can provide all the necessary equipment.