Our History & Tradition

Our History and Tradition

The School’s story is a fascinating history of determination, strength and faith.

It was founded in 1895 as New England Girls’ School by Florence Emily Green, a deeply religious educator from Oamaru, New Zealand. The aim of the school was to provide an all-round education for girls, with a strong emphasis on Christian values, in order to prepare students for the challenges of the new century. For over one hundred years, NEGS has acquired a proud history of achievement in every facet of educating young people to prepare them for whatever they put their mind to, to succeed and be content in the world in which they live. The school’s first building was named ‘Akaroa’, and contained a large classroom, an office and boarding facilities.

Today this building is the school’s administration centre, with the original classroom now used for meetings and functions, and named the ‘WH Lee Room’ after the school’s architect.

Under Miss Green’s guidance NEGS became one of the largest girls’ boarding schools in Australia. In 1907, NEGS was purchased by the Anglican diocese and a School Council was appointed.

In 2006, it was agreed that a company limited by guarantee, known as NEGS Limited, would acquire the school and operate it as an independent Anglican school, with Mr John Cassidy as Chairman of the Board.

School Principals

Period Principal

1895 – 1907 Miss Florence Green, Founder
1907 Miss May Bird
1907 – 1913 Miss Margaret Murray
1913 – 1917 Miss Clarinda Murray
1918 – 1925 Miss Juliet Lyon
1925 – 1939 Miss Nona Dumolo
1939 – 1959 Miss Ethel Colebrook
1959 – 1969 Miss Loyalty Howard
1969 – 1972 Miss Yvonne Grubb
1973 – 1989 Dr Jan Milburn
1990 – 2000 Mrs Anna Abbott
2000 – 2004 Mrs Helen Trebilcock
2004 Mrs Denise Thomas, Interim Head
2004 – 2006 Dr Rebecca Ling
2007 – 2009 Mr Mark Harrison
2009 – 2011 Mr Ian Downs
2012 Mr Peter Hodge
2013 – 2016 Mr Clive Logan
2016 Mrs Mary Anne Evans