Student Welfare

Student Welfare

The welfare of boarders is the guiding principle to which NEGS adheres. All staff have been carefully selected and are experienced and devoted to helping the students reach their full potential, as they grow from learners into leaders.

A strong network of residential staff ensures a family environment exists where care and attention are available, day and night. Pastoral care and effective communication with parents is a priority. The Director of Boarding is among the several staff members who reside on the NEGS campus.

The boarding campus has a 24 hour security guard service that ensures a safe and secure environment at all times. The boarding houses have a security system that allows the girls to move about the buildings secure in the knowledge that they are well protected.

NEGS provide a full-time registered nurse on campus and all senior staff are required to have a current Senior First Aid certificate to deal with minor medical issues. Should a boarder require urgent medical attention off-campus, the registered nurse will escort her to the local medical centre or hospital.

When boarders first enter the Boarding House they are allocated a “buddy” who will assist the girls to settle into their new environment. The attention given by the staff, senior students and the “buddies” can help alleviate homesickness and make the transition from home to boarding as smooth as possible.

All staff have undergone the Working With Children Check as mandated by the NSW Child Protection Legislation. Child protection guidelines are continually reviewed and developed.



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