Parents & Friends

Parents & Friends

The School is fortunate in having a very active group of parents who support the School. We do hope all parents will join the Association, as it will enable you to learn more about your child’s school, and to meet other parents.

The NEGS P&F is an integral part of the school, providing both a social network within the school community as well as raising funds for much needed resources, that may otherwise not be achieved through the school budget. NEGS P&F also incorporates the Junior School, creating a whole school community approach to connecting parents and friends with the school.

Each year group has at least two Liaison Parents, who act as the link between individual year groups and the school.

Liaison Parents are listed in the Newsletter or contact your child’s year advisor or classroom teacher for the Liaison Parents contact details.

The P&F committee aims to help build lasting friendships amongst parents and friends of the school whilst developing a strong cohesive school family. P&F Meetings are held the evening prior to the first day of classes each term, to make it easier for boarding parents to attend. The meetings are usually held in the WH Lee Room, Akaroa (main school office). Dates and venue are announced in advance. A small drinks party, offering a great opportunity to meet new parents or catch up with old ones, precedes the meetings.

All up coming P&F events are advertised in the fortnightly school newsletter. Please contact the P&F on our email for any enquiries.

We look forward to meeting you at the next P&F function.

Committee Members

P&F Committee 2018
Parent Liaison List

President:  Mrs Kate Blanchard  –

Vice President:  Mrs Kate Wilkinson –

Treasurer:  Mrs Sally White –

Secretary:  Mrs Talai Barnier –

Junior School Representative:  Mrs Danielle Duarte –

Senior School Representative:  Mrs Sarah Jacobson –

Boarder’s Committee Representative:  Mrs Phoebe Watts –

Junior School

Junior School Representative & Liaison Parent Co-ordinator 2018:   

Mrs Tina Skipper –

Parent Liaison List – 2018

Transition: Jo Watson-

K-2:  Rebecca Moore – and Kate Wilkinson –

Year 3:  Alicia Alldis– and
Georgie Lynn –

Year 4:  Amanda Kennedy  – and Jodi McAlary –

Year 5: Danielle Duarte –

Year 6:  Rochelle Tubb –