Scholarships & Bursaries

2020 Scholarships and Bursaries

Applications for 2020 NEGS Scholarships and Bursaries are now open.

Our annual Scholarship Day will be held on the 29 April 2019, and will include examinations and auditions for Music, Academic and Visual Arts & Design Scholarships, as well as opportunities for a tour of the school.  Applications for Academic, Music and Visual Arts & Design Scholarships close on 22 April 2019.

Applications for All-Rounder, Equestrian, Sporting Excellence and Boarding Bursaries are accepted year round.

NEGS offers a number of scholarships each year to girls entering Years 7 to 11. These scholarships are offered to girls who show particular talent and passion across a number of fields, from the sporting or equestrian arenas, to the music room, at the design and visual arts desk, and in academia. This is a chance to welcome bright minds and keen sportswomen who will flourish at NEGS and relish in the opportunities our school provides.

Scholarship and Bursary Conditions

Applicants for all scholarships and bursaries are required to:

  1. Complete and submit the relevant scholarship/bursary application form
  2. Complete and submit an Application for Enrolment form (unless this has been completed previously) and provide all documentation referred to in that form
  3. Attend an interview with the Principal

Scholarships and Bursaries are reviewed on an annual basis and it is the School’s expectation that recipients maintain all-round commitment to all areas of their schooling.

NEGS reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship or bursary from any scholarship holder.

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