Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are offered to students entering Years 7 to 11 who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of examination success and demonstrated academic achievement and entitle the recipients to part remission of tuition fees to the end of Year 12. All other expenses must be met at the full rate.

The scholarships are reviewed on an annual basis and it is the School’s expectation that recipients of Academic Scholarships maintain a high academic standard throughout their schooling and represent the School as and when requested.

The School reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship from any scholarship holder.

All applicants for Academic Scholarships are required to:

  1. Complete and submit the Academic Scholarship Application Form;
  2. Complete and submit an Application for Enrolment Form (unless this has been completed previously) and provide all documentation referred to in that form;
  3. Sit the Academic Scholarship Test;
  4. Attend an interview with the Principal.