Academic Program

Core Subjects and Electives

NEGS offers a personalised academic program which encourages students to identify and develop their talents. The Core subjects on offer at NEGS include: Christian Education, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, PD/Health/PE and Science. Additional studies offered at NEGS include: iSTEM, Agriculture, Commerce, Design and Technology, Drama, Languages, Music, Textiles, Visual Arts and Physical Activity & Sport Science.

The small classes are taught by well-qualified teachers with a genuine passion for learning. NEGS’ flexible approach to learning and a varied curriculum mean girls can choose up to three Additional Studies Units (electives) in Years 9 and 10 and there is flexibility for students to change these electives in Year 10 if they choose.

The NEGS Senior School offers girls a comprehensive careers program, enhanced leadership opportunities, full membership to IGSSA for competitive sport, extension education events, opportunity to be a part of the wider cultural life of Armidale and opportunities to utilise the University of New England’s extensive resources. We offer co-curricular activities in Livestock Management, Chaplaincy, Music, Drama, Sport, Rifle Shooting, Duke of Edinburgh and Coding.

NEGS girls receive sound academic results, have outstanding achievements on the sports field and flourish in the arts. However, it is in the development of personal qualities where NEGS really stands out. NEGS girls are accomplished, assertive, kind, happy, vibrant young women ready to embrace the wider world and all it offers.

Most of all, NEGS girls are a part of a close-knit community where all the girls know one another and forge friendships which last a lifetime.

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