Kindergarten to Year 2

Small class sizes create a supportive and nurturing environment for each student.

The small size of our Infants classes creates a supportive and nurturing environment that fosters confidence and enthusiasm for learning within each student. The development of fundamental skills in an enriching classroom environment means that early literacy and numeracy skills are supported by opportunities to ‘learn by doing’. This means that the explicit instruction of reading strategies are coupled with cross-curricular studies. Curiosity and wonder drives the learning cycle meaning that continuous assessment informs and shapes our teaching programs.

Specialist teaching staff complement literacy and numeracy development in the Key Learning Areas of Music, Library, Languages and Christian Studies. Students in Kindergarten to Year 2 have access to desktop computers, as well as the integration of laptops into daily classroom activities. Information technology is enriched by classroom blogs, tablets and interactive whiteboards. Access to the school’s Sensory Gym and daily fitness sessions means that our young students can take advantage of beautiful outdoor play spaces and high quality facilities.