Old Girls’ Union

Old Girls’ Union

Established in 1913, the NEGS Old Girls’ Union fosters fellowship amongst former students and encourages Old Girls to maintain their links with the school. The OGU also financially supports many of the school’s building programs and offers Scholarships and Bursaries to future students.

As long as we have an up-to-date address of every Old Girl member, you will receive a copy of Akaroa magazine which contains news of former students and events and reunions.

Former students of NEGS are invited to join the Union as Life Members. At their annual Valedictory Speech Day each Year 12 Leaver receives her membership badge and certificate and is formally welcomed to the Union.

The close ties Old Girls have with one another and NEGS are reflected in their active participation in many of the school’s activities. Old Girls return each year near St Michaelmas Day (Old Girls’ Weekend) to attend their 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65 year reunions. They are also invited as guest speakers and as guests at many of the functions held each year.

There are so many ways for you to stay involved with NEGS and the Old Girls Union.

Become a life member of the Old Girls’ Union

If you are not a member and would like to join (one off $200 payment for a lifetime membership), please contact us.

Read Akaroa

If you are not receiving a copy of Akaroa then we do not have a current address for you. All Old Girls’ Union members for whom we have an address, wherever they are in the world, are sent the magazine. Akaroa is published May and November. Please contact us with your current details and remember to let us know if you change address so we can continue to send Akaroa and news of OG activities to you. If you know an Old Girl who does not receive the magazine please ask her to contact us.

Join us on Facebook

Ensure you’re kept up to date with the latest reunion and event information by joining our NEGS Facebook page.

Organise or attend your year reunion

Is it nearing a special anniversary year for your class? Or do you just fancy an excuse to catch up with old friends? Organising get togethers can be great fun and if you can’t organise one then make sure you attend your reunion to reminisce and renew your friendships.

Organise an Old Girls’ event in your country or area

Did you know there are over dozens of Old Girls living overseas? Why not contact us to see if there are any Old Girls living in your neck of the woods and organise a NEGS get together?

Send your news & photos for publication in akaroa

We all love to find out what our contemporaries have been up to so please send in your news and photos for the next issue of Akaroa.

Carry on sporting

If you don’t want to hang up your sports uniform, then find out about coaching a school team.

Speaking at a school event

Each year Old Girls are invited back as guest speakers for events events including Speech Day, New Parent Dinners, assemblies and in classes. If you have a topic of interest please let us know.

Get involved in the OG committees

All Old Girls are welcome to attend OG meetings and encouraged to get involved in the OG Committees. Please contact us to find out more.

Visit, volunteer & contribute to our school archives

Have you been wondering what to do with your school photos, uniform, publications, programmes? Don’t throw them away! Send them into the School Archives. If you are willing to help catalogue and sort archival items or would simply like to visit, please contact the Archivist.

Enrol your daughter!

Visit the Enrolment pages for more information.

Visit us

If you would like to visit NEGS for a trip down memory lane, you are most welcome, even in the holidays. Please contact us to arrange your visit.

Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals

NEGS receives frequent requests for weddings and baptisms in the Chapel of St Michael and All Angels. The Chapel use is reserved for Old Girls, staff members and the school community.

Please note, if you would like to use the NEGS Chapel for your wedding or the baptism of your child, you must make contact and confirm the services with the NEGS Chaplain before you submit these forms.

Life Membership

By becoming a Life Member of the OGU you will be supporting the OGU scholarship and bursary programme which assists students and daughters/grandaughters of Old Girls, as well as contributing to OGU activities.

To become a Life Member please contact us.

Events & reunions

Each year many hundreds of Old Girls join their former classmates at events and reunions at NEGS, in NSW, capital cities around Australia and overseas. Old Girls’ functions are annually held in Armidale, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Hunter Valley.



2019 Old Girls’ Weekend

Friday 13th – Sunday 15th September

Reunion Groups

NEGS Cohort Reunions


60 Year Reunion (1959)

Penny Cooper
E: somerset1942@bigpond.com
P: 07 5456 2242

50 Year Reunion (1969)

Penny Turner
M: 0428 845 195

Sue Webb
E: suewebb@westnetcom.au
P: 02 6769 5540

40 Year Reunion (1979)

Jane Chamberlain (Sedgwick)
M: 02 6766 1145
E: jane.chamberlain2@tafensw.edu.au


30 Year Reunion 1989

Sarah Breusch
E: sarah.breush@bigpond.com

20 Year Reunion 1999

Edwina Waters
E: pearsoneck@hotmail.com
M: 0431 649 160

10 Year Reunion 2009

Courtney Waugh
P: 02 6837 3989

5 Year Reunion 2014

Emily Rogers
M: 0418 776 571


60 Year Reunion (1960)

Virginia Lydiard
M: 0418 683 468

E: virginia@braenet.com.au

50 Year Reunion (1970)

Dr Prudence Finlay-Jones (Hart)
P: 08 9389 8765
E: prueh@ichr.uwa.edu.au

40 Year Reunion (1980)

Joanne Campbell (Studdy)
P: 02 6772 2048
E: archiec@bigpond.net.au

30 Year Reunion 1990

Josephie Percy (Cull)
E: jo@studiojojo.com
M: 0422 410 102

20 Year Reunion 1999

Emma Davidson (McAlister)
E: emma.davidson@ed.act.edu.au
M: 0409 077 125

10 Year Reunion 2010

Clare Stibbard
P: 02 4995 6056
E: sstibbard@hotmail.com

5 Year Reunion 2015

Nicola Orr
P: 02 6752 2214


For more information about the Old Girls, to update your details or ask a question please contact us.

NEGS OGU Office Bearers

Old Girls' Missionary Union

President – TBA


Vice – President – Shara Menzies (Ibbott ’86)

“Coningdale”, Chandler Road, ARMIDALE  NSW  2350

P: 02 6778 1115  |  E: shara4@bigpond.com

Secretary –  Connie Twyford (McNeil)

Treasurer and Public Officer, Jo Campbell (Studdy ’80)

PO Box 994, ARMIDALE  NSW  2350

P: 02 6772 2048  |  E: archiec@bigpond.net.au


President & Secretary, Althea Crowly (Rivers 1977)

536 Formosa Road, GUMDALE  QLD  4154

P: 07 3890 1523  |  E: altheacrowley@hotmail.com

Treasurer, Shona Rice ( MacDonald 1975)

“Woodlands”, 694 Cudmore Road, GREENMOUNT  QLD  4359

P: 07 4697 1194  |  E: tighyari1@bigpond.com


Vice President, Sally Grimble (’76 McLaughlin)

16 Owen Street, LINDFIELD  NSW  2070

M: 0413 662 371  |  E: sallygrimble@gmail.com

Secretary, Susan Burnet (Coupland ’81)

M: 0448 977 130  |  E: s.burnett@bigpond.net.au and

Lynn Hutton (Wharton ’64)

M: 0411 600 711 | E: lynne.hutton7@gmail.com

Treasurer, Mary O’Toole (Thompson 1964)

PO Box 261, JAMBEROO  NSW  2533

M: 0427 013 738  |  E: m_otoole@speednet.com.au

Committee, Margaret Orchard, Caroline Grundy, Kirsten Mallam and Libby Peach

Elizabeth Brown (Pixley 1958)

11 Union Street, ARMADALE  VIC  3143

P: 03 9509 1009 |  E: rfm.brown@bigpond.com


Lindy Armstrong (Masters 1977)

15 Pasmore Close, KALEEN  ACT  2617

P: 02 6241 4602  |  E: lindy.armstrong01@gmail.com

For contact details for OG committees in your area, please contact registrar on (02) 6774 8700

Juliet Cameron (Lean 1964)


PO Box 173, Adamstown, NSW 2289

P: 02 4950 9034