Is there a sibling discount?

NEGS does offer small sibling discounts. While siblings are currently attending the school, a reduction of 20% of tuition fees will be made for a second child, and 30% for the third and every subsequent child. There are special reductions for children of clergy. Sibling discounts do not apply to internally funded scholarship holders.

What subjects do you offer?

NEGS offer a personalised academic program that encourages students to identify and develop their talents. The Core subjects on offer at NEGS include: Christian Education, Computing Skills, English, Geography, History, Mathematics (Advanced or Intermediate), PD/Health/PE, Science. Additional Studies offered at NEGS include: Agriculture, Commerce, Design and Technology, Drama, Languages, Music, Textiles, Visual Arts, Physical Activity & Sport Science, Equi-Skills.

The small classes are taught by well-qualified teachers with a genuine passion for learning. NEGS’ flexible approach to learning and a varied curriculum mean girls can choose up to four Additional Studies Units (electives).

What extra-curricular activities are available at NEGS?

NEGS offer girls a comprehensive careers program, enhanced leadership opportunities, full membership to IGSSA for competitive sport, extension education events, opportunity to be a part of the wider cultural life of Armidale and opportunities to utilise the University of New England’s extensive resources. We offer extra-curricular activities in Livestock Management, Chaplaincy, Music, Drama, Sport, Target Rifle Shooting, Duke of Edinburgh and ICT.

What sports does NEGS offer?

During summer, NEGS students can participate in rifle shooting, equestrian lessons, swimming, and touch football. During winter, students can partake in hockey, netball, and basketball. The NEGS Equestrian Centre offer an extensive equine program for students for those who have their own horse and for those who choose to borrow a school horse. The Equestrian Centre have many group lessons focusing on disciplines including dressage, jumping, cross country, sporting and even horse management.

Can my child have access to a mobile phone so that we can stay in contact?

During school hours, all phones are banned from class as to minimise disruption on academic learning. However, students are allowed to have a mobile phone after school and early evening to contact friends and family. All mobile phones are handed to their Housemother just before lights out and returned in the morning. All boarding houses are equipped with at least 2 landline phones for which can be used to receive calls from family. If for some reason, a message is required to be passed on to a student during school hours, please contact the Front Office (Akaroa) and a message will be taken to the student as soon as possible.

Is there access to technology, including computers and the internet in the boarding houses?

NEGS is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) IT environment. As the curriculum is now incorporating Information and Communication Technology into learning, students are encouraged to use their laptops during class as part of the curriculum. Each laptop has instant access to the NEGS’ Wifi system which enables the students to be online and mobile around the campus, including the boarding houses.

Will the homework/study supervision meet my child’s needs?

All boarding students are required to complete homework on a daily basis between 6.30 pm-8.30 pm Sunday to Thursday. Year 7-10 are located in the Library where each year group is supervised by either an academic staff member or a boarding house staff member. During this time, students are to work in silence and are encouraged to perform any group work after 7.30 pm. If a student requires assistance with their homework, the staff on duty are more than willing to assist where possible.

Can my daughter bring her horse to school?

The NEGS Equestrian Centre offer facilities for students to bring their own horse to school. This is a great opportunity for your daughter to develop her equine skills, partake in private and/or group lessons and become part of the equestrian family all whilst under the guidance of qualified and experienced staff. The Equestrian Centre also have a selection of educated horses and ponies in all disciplines that students may hire for lessons. Please contact the Equestrian Centre on 6774 8717 or email for further information.